Jellow is a complete communication system with several variations

“Let’s celebrate June as the month of Aphasia Awareness with friendly AAC Jellow communicator!

Did you know?
Jellow is a complete communication system conceived with the following variations:
– Jellow Book: Flash Cards, E-book/PDF Booklet
– Jellow Desktop Application:
– Jellow Mobile/Tablet: Android and iOS versions
– Jellow Input Devices: Switch Access
– Jellow Customized: Coming soon!

Needless to say, Jellow is available in both it’s Android and iOS versions.

Learn more about Jellow at
And, do send us feedback on Jellow to help us improve Jellow’s interface.”

Keywords: Communication System, Book, Flash Card, Desktop, Emotional Language, Language ability, Icons, Child Friendly, Graphics, Multple languages, AAC Communicator, iOS, Andriod, Voice to Speech/Speak, Autism, Cerebral palsy (CP), Speech difficulty/Impairment

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