Jellow Communicator in now available in 4 Indian languages!

Let’s celebrate May as the month of Better Hearing and Speech (BHSM) with the friendly AAC Jellow Communicator in 4 Indian languages!
These are English (Indian, UK, USA, Australian), Hindi, Marathi, Bengali and Tamil (coming soon)

Did you know that Research has shown that using only one language with children with speech impairment helps them learn better speech and language skills!

Jellow is available in both Android and iOS versions.
Learn more about Jellow at:

Do send us feedback on Jellow to help us improve the Jellow interface.

Multiple Languages, English Hindi Marathi Bengali Tamil, AAC Communicator, iOS, Android, Voice to Speech/Speak, Autism, Cerebral palsy (CP), Speech Difficulty/Impairment


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