From the ‘delectable’ world of ‘Jellow’ the Speech Communicator – discovering the ‘signs’ of the times

Founders of ‘Jellow’ interacting with the Ambassador of India to Lebanon

‘Jellow’ – the absolutely delectable:

Some things in life are so ubiquitously appreciated that they could exist simply by virtue of those needs. The lick of an ice cream made with fresh, actual layers of tender coconut could be one such! In the West? That could be tart strawberry pieces peeping out through the creamy gelato layers!!

Let’s now look at a parallel. In the world of the ‘special needs’ being able to go through a day’s basic activities without actually worrying about how to communicate these tasks between users and caregivers would be like having a strawberry gelato at the end of the day. We certainly felt such a delicacy-consuming moment on a recent visit to Lebanon (mid-April 2018).

As part of an interesting event exploring “Signs and Sense” in Beirut recently, one had an opportunity to position ‘Jellow’ as a solution that is mindful of our sensory(s) uses. ‘Jellow’ definitely uses at least three of the five sensory(s) in everyday use: our sight, our sound, and our sense of touch through gestures and tangible contacts with interfaces. It was also clear that ‘Jellow’ sits in the “shared-personal” domain of information communication.

As an Augmentative and Assisted Communication (AAC) System for Speech Disabilities in Children suffering from Cerebral Palsy and Autism that is also mindful of the use of the sensory(s) is heartening as sensory(s) are the most primeval bridge to expressing our daily needs, especially where children are concerned.Jellow’s interfaces found great resonance precisely because its interfaces mirror one’s ability to express one’s emotions of both happiness (through satisfaction) + upset and anger (through frustrations experienced). The basic sensory(s) of everyday life played out through the working of ‘Jellow’ seemed pretty obvious to the audience.

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